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Finivation specializes in systems integration and software development (Web & Mobile) for credit unions, community banks and leading technology providers.

Our experience working for large financial technology companies has provided our team with significant expertise in core banking integration; online and mobile application development; lending, credit card and account opening applications; and payments solutions.

Our strength is in architecture, engineering and client focus.  Our clients and our track record will quickly validate our capabilities.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business to determine if we can help your firm quickly and cost-effectively meet your objectives.  You can email us at or call +1.646.504.9295.


Team Overview

Yes, we are "the guys from qbt" that built the MultiPoint Integrator (MPI) middleware solution used by many cores, networks and financial institutions.  We have worked together for over ten years and continue to focus on making our clients happy by quickly delivering great technology and service (without the big company overhead).  


Guido Belcic, Technical Lead (Founder)


Guido is CTO for Finivation and is responsible for product development, architecture and all technical strategy for the organization.

Guido was previously SVP of Engineering at qbt Systems, which was acquired by Corillian Corporation and subsequently acquired by CheckFree and Fiserv (NASDAQ:  FISV).  At Fiserv, Guido was a Director in the Strategy and Architecture Group focused on SOA strategy and design.

Prior to qbt Systems Guido was on the management teams of BankPass, an Internet banking provider backed by General Atlantic, and Symbiotic, Inc.  a financial technology consultancy that worked with leading firms like EDS, NYCE, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Diebold and Republic National Bank. 

Guido has a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Brian Bodell, Business Lead (Founder)
Brian Bodell is CEO of Finivation and is responsible for the overall strategy and company performance.
Prior to Finivation, Brian was President of qbt Systems, a banking technology and middleware firm.  qbt Systems was bought by Corillian Corporation (NASDAQ:  CORI) which was subsequently purchased by CheckFree (NASDAQ:  CKFR) and Fiserv (NASDAQ:  FISV).  Brian stayed on as SVP of Community Banking Solutions and VP of Channel Development working in the global online, mobile banking and payments space. 
Before qbt Systems, Brian was President of MobileMetrics, a venture-backed mobile software firm in Europe and the United States, was a Vice President of E-Commerce at Dean & DeLuca and was a Director of Electronic Commerce at RR Donnelley & Sons (NASDAQ:  RRD).

Josh Dean, Engineering (Founder)
Josh is a VP of Engineering at Finivation working on application development and integration projects.
Prior to Finivation, Josh was a Senior Software Engineer at qbt Systems and subsequently a Senior Engineer at Corillian, CheckFree and Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV).   
Before qbt Josh worked at Financial Objects (online and commercial banking) in London and Cabletron in New Hampshire. 
Josh has a Computer Science Degree from Coventry University in England.

Matt Henry, Services Lead

Matt leads Finivation's Professional Services and is a key subject matter expert for both Finivation's clients and for Finivation's product and corporate strategy.

Prior to Finivation, Matt was the Chief Information Officer at Elevations Credit Union. He spent thirteen years with the credit union managing the areas of eCommerce, data integration, strategic planning, process improvement, program management and the operations of the Information Technology team.

Matt spent the last four years on the Executive Management team and was responsible for the information security, strategy, and application of technologies for advancement of the credit union and its members.

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Stephen Anderson, Integration Lead

Stephen (aka Dr. of Integration) runs Finivations Integration Practice and is the Product Lead for Concert ESB (Finivation's integration platform).  

Stephen has over 25 years experience in banking systems having worked at Citibank, EDS, Chase, and qbt Systems.  He is very familiar with all areas of electronic funds transfer, including ATM, POS, debit card, credit card, ACH, FedWire, SWIFT, and Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment.  Most recently Stephen has been a Professor of Information Systems at several universities.

Stephen has his MBA in Finance from Fordham University, an MS in Computer Information Systems from CUNY/Baruch College, and is a PhD Candidate at CUNY/Graduate Center. 



Many of our clients treat Finivation as an internal partner to help evaluate, design, architect, build, integrate, and support solutions in conjunction with their I.T. teams.  This partnership model allows organizations to efficiently scale up and down on an as needed basis. 

Finivation essentially offers 3 services:


1.  Custom Application Development & Support (Web & Mobile)

Finivation has experience building and supporting most retail banking software applications, including lending, payments, account opening, online and mobile banking, credit card, and CRM applications.

Once solutions are built, Finivation also provides ongoing support and enhancements on an as needed basis. 

2.  Systems Integration Design & Development

As "middleware guys" that have built integration platforms, managed adapter libraries and designed SOA solutions, Finivation has unmatched systems integration experience in the community financial services market.  

Finivation can effectively integrate any system, application or network, including core data processors, ATM & Shared Branch networks, IVR, online and mobile banking, EBPP solutions, payment processors, lending, and branch soltutions.  

Finivation typically starts by reviewing and documenting an organization's current environment and the related connectivity.  With this knowlege Finivation can then effectively architect (or select)  a flexible, scalable and secure multi-channel solution that maximizes manageability, user experience, cross-sell capability and fraud detection.

3.  Application, Platform and Tool Analysis and Selection

Finivation is an independent consultant that can assist with functional and technical due diligence on financial applications and solutions.  This can assist an organization with system selection or provide a potential investor or acquirer with input on a target organization's software.    

Finivation can also draft requirements and run RFI and RFP processes on behalf of our clients. 




Finivation works with community financial institutions and leading technology providers.   

Financial Institutions

Baxter Credit Union


Coastal Federal Credit Union

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

Royal Credit Union

San Diego County Credit Union

Washington State Employees Credit Union


Technology & Service Providers

Alkami Technology

Andrea (oFlows)- now Bottomline Technologies

Card Assets

Cerebellum Group

Clean Power Systems

CO-OP Financial Services

Credit Union National Association

Fidelity Information Systems (mFoundry)

Fiserv Open Solutions

Mindful Insights

One Washington Financial

Prospero Card USA

Share One

We Support CUFX


CUFX is a vendor-agnostic, open integration standard designed to help credit unions launch innovative and integrated solutions more quickly and cost-effectively.   

CUFX currently supports plugging PFM, account opening, lending, mobile banking, online banking, and IVR solutions into various core processing systems.  

To learn more and determine how your financial institution or technology firm can help support the initiative, please visit:





Finivation has hired Stephen Anderson to lead the product development effort for Concert ESB. 

Anderson has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry working on the integration of consumer touch points with various back end systems.    He has extensive knowledge in banking and credit union standards from his work at Citibank, Chase, EDS and QBT Systems.  In addition, he has taught computer science and information systems at colleges in New York City and Chicago.

Concert ESB is Finivation’s Enterprise Service Bus specifically designed for the community bank and credit union industry.    An ESB supports an enterprise wide integration platform with built in support of various industry standard interfaces for integration to core platforms, debit/credit card networks, shared branching, home banking, mobile banking, call centers and lending systems.  


Mary Meeker 2014 Internet Trends deck is out:


Prospero America Launches Dividend Check Platform 2.0

Partnership with IT Powerhouse Finivation Streamlines Data Management

November 25, 2013, Philadelphia, PA

Prospero America, the retail funded debit card loyalty and reward program for community financial institutions, announced today that collaborations with highly experienced banking software provider Finivation has enabled their Dividend Check Platform to streamline IT activities, thereby easing efforts required by financial institutions’ internal IT departments.  The move comes after months of review and input from major community banking institutions in an effort to support and resolve excessive IT activities required by the banks to support Dividend Check Platform 1.0.

Gary Schoeman, Prospero America CEO, commented on the launch – “While all our banking partners were thrilled with the high level of cash rebate we were paying to their cardholders, their IT teams were less than enthusiastic.  We knew we needed to repair that portion of our platform.  Dividend Check Platform 2.0 will continue to allow us to offer the high percent cash back – averaging about 5% - to their debit cardholders, all fully funded by our Retail Partners, and it will also make it easier to implement and reduce the efforts required by the IT departments at the FI’s.  Finivation’s vast experience in dealing with core processors and financial institutions’ IT groups brought to the table the innovative IT intelligence we needed to make these major improvements.”

Finivation CEO Brian Bodell, on discussing the partnership stated: “We are very pleased to assist Prospero with their notable growth in the United States.  They have a truly unique reward program, paying cash back to the banks’ cardholders at a higher rate than any other program we have seen.  We see the significant value they provide to financial institutions, customers & members, as well as the merchants.  Finivation will be leveraging our expertise in banking systems integration and payments to ensure implementation and support for the financial institutions is fast and efficient.”


Gary Schoeman added, “We have gone from a complex oriented platform to one that only requires a simple extraction of the debit card transactions as we now handle the rest of the work for our financial institution partners.  The result and relief is one felt at not only the IT departments but also with the marketing and management groups at the banks and credit unions as they are looking forward to utilizing our platform to enhance their customers deposit accounts, for both current and future customers.”

The actual launch date of Dividend Check 2.0 is slated for early Q1 2014.

About Prospero America - Prospero America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prospero System and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a research and administration unit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Prospero System was launched in the UK in November 2008. The flag­ship program, the Utility Warehouse CashBack Card, is one of the UK’s and MasterCard Europe’s most successful prepaid card reward and loyalty pro­grams.

About Finivation - Finivation specializes in systems integration and software development (Web & Mobile) for credit unions, community banks and leading technology providers.  Their experience in working for large financial technology companies provides for significant expertise in core banking integration; online and mobile application development; lending, credit card and account opening applications; and payments solutions.  For more information please visit

For more information about Dividend Check 2.0 contact Gary Schoeman @








Finivation Secures Capital to Expand Resources and Product Development;


Financial Software Company is Already Integral to Development of CO-OP Emerging Products


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., and NEW YORK, N.Y., August 27, 2013 – CO-OP Financial Services is becoming a minority owner of Finivation, strengthening an existing technical partnership for Web and mobile application development and the related middleware to efficiently connect hosts and acquirers for emerging CO-OP products.


“CO-OP is investing in the latest solutions and technologies that make it more convenient for members to do business with their credit unions,” said Stan Hollen, President/CEO of CO-OP Financial Services. “Developing digital payment channels is essential in today’s market. With Finivation, we can continue to leverage our own technology to rapidly innovate to serve credit unions.


“Finivation is deeply committed to the needs of the credit union movement as it already counts many large credit unions as clients and through its work with the CUNA Technology Council,” said Hollen.


Finivation has played a key role in the development of the Credit Union Financial Exchange, or CUFX, an open standard for efficient systems integration in the credit union ecosystem. Launched by the CUNA Technology Council in early 2012, the goal of CUFX is to reduce the time required for systems integration so credit unions can quickly launch new solutions for their members. CO-OP has long established payments standards for financial transactions switching and settlement in both ATM/POS and shared branching. CO-OP has embraced and intends to fully support CUFX for information exchange.  


Finivation’s primary role in CO-OP product development will continue to be maximizing efficient connectivity to support emerging product lines and building highly adaptive applications that serve CO-OP’s credit unions and their members. Finivation and CO-OP will also work together to build a middleware solution that will serve technology providers, payment processors and credit unions.


“We have worked essentially as an internal partner in conjunction with CO-OP’s highly innovative product development team, so welcoming CO-OP into our ownership is a natural extension of the existing relationship,” said Brian Bodell, CEO, Finivation. “We are looking forward to continuing to provide application development, system integration and technical consulting to CO-OP for a range of products that will help credit unions compete with any financial institution in terms of member convenience.


“In addition to CO-OP products, Finivation will serve our current clients and partners and, with CO-OP’s support, we plan to expand our presence assisting credit unions, other financial institutions and technology providers,” said Bodell.


The companies are not disclosing the specific terms of CO-OP’s minority ownership of Finivation.


About Finivation


Based in New York, N.Y., Finivation specializes in systems integration and software development (Web and mobile) for credit unions, community banks and leading technology providers. Finivation has significant expertise in core banking integration; online and mobile application development; lending, credit card and account opening applications; payments solutions, and technical and strategic due diligence. To learn more visit


About CO-OP Financial Services


Based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and founded in 1981, CO-OP Financial Services is the nation’s largest credit union service organization in terms of number of credit unions, assets and members. The company helps credit unions thrive by providing products and services that make it more convenient for members to do business with them. With a motto of “Be There. Be More,” CO-OP’s products fall into three business lines, including “Locations,” (ATM, shared branching and call center services); “Card Payments” (debit and credit processing) and “Mobile/Virtual” (mobile, online, check imaging, bill pay services). To learn more visit

Concert ESB


Unifying the Customer Experience through Systems Integration

What is Concert ESB?

Concert ESB is an integration platform designed to help financial institutions and technology providers more quickly and cost effectively integrate, maintain and monitor disparate applications, systems, and networks.   

Enabling faster product launches and consolidating cross-channel data for service, security and sales purposes will provide a clear competitive advantage to both financial institutions and their members or customers.

What does that mean?

In business terms Concert ESB acts like a translator at the United Nations- instead of allowing people from different nations to communicate effectively, Concert ESB allows different financial systems that speak different languages to exchange data quickly and securely.  

In practical terms Concert ESB reduces the pain associated with connecting your financial applications (e.g., mobile banking, lending, account opening, payments, etc.) with core banking systems (Fiserv, FIS, JHA, D & H, Temenos, etc.) and/or networks (e.g., credit, debit, shared branch, payments).  

Concert ESB also helps consolidate data so it can be analyzed for fraud detection, marketing, and/or service reasons.   Right now it is hard for an organization to get a full understanding of their members or customers.   Concert ESB can pull the data together so specialized applications can deliver the actionable insights to serve, grow and protect your business. 

Why is this important?

Financial institutions and technology providers are both under tremendous pressure to provide innovative applications quickly, securely and cost-effectively.   Competition is fierce on both fronts, so supporting faster product launches and making cross-channel data available to serve and protect your customers consistently across your organization will drive differentiation, an improved user experience, and growth.

Leveraging Concert ESB may also help financial institutions refrain from a full core conversion just to get modernize some of their offerings.   Concert ESB can plug in various applications and user interfaces to breathe new life into legacy systems.

How is Concert ESB deployed?

Concert ESB is offered as a service in a leading private cloud environment but can also be deployed on premise. 


When will Concert ESB be available and how is it priced?

Concert ESB will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The pricing model includes a set up fee, a monthly license & support fee, and fees for specific adapters or interfaces to chosen systems.   


Will Concert ESB support CUFX?

Yes, Concert ESB will support CUFX.   CUFX is an open, modern and comprehensive integration standard that will reduce unnecessary duplication of system integration efforts in the credit union industry.


Who is Finivation?

Finivation is the leading systems integrator for the community financial services market, having built, deployed and supported integration platforms and custom interfaces for over 15 years for both leading technology providers and financial institutions.





Two Software Engineer Positions Open

Job Requirements:

  • Undergraduate or Graduate degree in computer science or technical field
  • 1-3 years of development experience
  • .Net/C#
  • MsSQL
  • JavaScript
  • WCF

Ideal Background Will Include:

  • Mobile development experience
  • Understanding of Event Driven development and asynchronous development patterns
  • Banking experience
  • Understanding of security best practices
  • Experience with at least one scripting library (e.g., jQuery)


  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Potential bonus based on company and individual performance
  • Medical, dental, and vision (100% employee, 50% family, spouse/partner)
  • 401k (not matching)
  • Paid time off (PTO) plus company granted holidays
  • Equity/options upon approval from Board of Directors

How to Apply:

  • Please send resume/cv or LinkedIn profile to

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